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Landing Pages

Landing Page Design     |     Business Websites

There are 2 Types of Landing Page Design


A Click- Through Landing Page 

A click-through page: Often used as the middleman between your ad and ecommerce shopping cart. A click-through page purpose is to warm up visitors to your unique value proposition before sending them deeper into the marketing funnel.

Lead Generation Landing Page 

The main purpose of lead generation landing page are designed specifically for the purpose of capturing personal information about a prospect such as name, email address, phone number, company size, specific info. etc. to then use to nurture that prospect down your marketing funnel.

The best thing about landing pages is, once you have a template that suits your business and offering, it can be used over and over again. This means you can target different customer types or promote different aspects of your service offering.



Lead Generation / Business Theme 


Lead Generation / Health and Beauty

Lead Generation / Beauty and Lifestyle


Click Through / Public Speaker 


Lead Generation/ Fitness Lifestyle

Click Through / Non Profit


Lead Generation / Health and Beauty

Lead Generation / Business Professional 

Lead Generation / Public Speaker 


Click Through / Business Professional 


Lead Generation / Fitness & Lifestyle

Lead Generation / Business Professional


Lead Generation / The Professional

Lead Generation / Motivational Speaker

Lead Generation / Business Professional




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