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"It's a gut feeling, when people of your target 

audience see your brand ."


Experiences I've Created


To produce a good experience, the brand must have personality. Some call it Brand Personality. In essence, we form opinions of other people based on their personalities and how we interact with them. I think, likewise, we also form opinions of a brand based on its personality and how we interact with that brand. Every brand develops a personality over time. If people like the brand's this uniqueness, they buy it. If they like it a lot, they tell their friends and share with others. They eventually become loyal to the brand.

Human beings are social creatures, we need interaction with one another. It's the way we're made. When we meet someon new, we ten either to be drawn to them or to be disinterested for a whole host of reasons. Over time, however, we develop a continually evolving stable of relationships, some of which last fr a lifetime. That humandynamic is the root of brand loyaty as well. Our relationships with brands aren't nearly as deep or meaninful as human relationships, but they do share some of the same characteristicss. So with this uniquness in mind, I also tie human emotions and human experience in building brand experience.






















"Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits." - Twyla Tharp
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