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I make brand experiences that thrive on change.

I unite all my expertise in strategy, identity, digital, retail, environmental, product and service design, innovation and experience, to harness the power of brand for growth. To define and connect every aspect of a brand experience, I can start with a single touch point. With disciplines, I marry deep market insight with cutting edge creativity to help clients shape the future of their category, through single brands or entire portfolios. 

Advertising & Design


Creative Design

  • Overall Direct Marketing Design Strategy
  • Identify Your Target Clients
  • Print Direct Marketing Pieces
  • Flyers, Posters, Invitations, Illustration.
  • Business Cards, Book Covers and Stationary
  • Q & A

Online Presence

  • Overall Digital Design Strategy
  • Identify Your Target Clients
  • Web Presence
  • Online Banners and Ads
  • Social Media Design
  • Q & A 

Advertising & Design

  • Overall Design Strategy
  • Package Design
  • Outdoor Advertisements
  • Identify Your Target Clients
  • T-Shirts, Appearal Design
  • Q & A



Brand Development Strategy

  • Overall Business Strategy
  • Identify Your Target Clients
  • Research Your Target Client Group
  • Develop Your Brand Positioning
  • Develop Your Name, Logo and Tagline.
  • Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy.
  • Website
  • Marketing Check List.
  • Measure/Results: Implement, Track and Adjustment.

Improve Brand Experience

  • Building Brand Promise
  • Building Brand Equity
  • Brand Strategy: Building a strong basis for belief

Marketing Budget Plan

  • Develop Your Marketing Budget
  • Projected Cost
  • Campaign type and details
  • Quarterly Marketing Budget

Marketing Campaign


Campaign Planning Tips

  • Define Your Goals & Objectives
  • Choose The Correct Digital Marketing Channels
  • Set Realistic Time Frames
  • Project Management

Campaign Design Service

  • Define Your Goals & Objectives
  • Choose The Correct Digital Marketing Channels
  • Set Realistic Time Frames
  • Campaign Creation

Web Analytics

  • Data Reports
  • Analyze Your Website
  • Optimize Your Website
  • Measure About Website

Digital Marketing



  • Creative Consulation
  • Creative Tips
  • Market Research 
  • Branding Consultation
  • Website Analysis and feedback

Email Campaign

  • Email Campaign Page Development
  • Email Campaign Strategy
  • Auto Responder Set Up
  • Campaign Statistics
  • Building Email Data Base
  • Effective Content Creation

A/B Testing Experiment

  • A/B Testing Campaign/Strategy
  • Split Testing Digital Ads Development
  • Social Media A/B Split Testing
  • Google Analytics Split Testing
  • Measure/Results: Implement, Track and Adjustment.

"Creativity is a habit, and the best creativity is the result of good work habits." - Twyla Tharp
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